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Our Mission

It's our priority to provide a safe and encouraging space for people to develop in all aspects of their fitness journey. Whether you're lifting heavy or learning something new, our class systems allow you to progressively get stronger, faster, fitter in the same environment. 
It's always YOU
 vs. YOU at the house. There's no mirrors, no judgement and no excuses. 
We believe in hard work. We believe in rewarding yourself after the work is done as well. 

Whether you're 14 or 70 years old, we are all in it for the same goal...

To make ourselves better.

Our team



Co-Owner, Head Trainer

Brodie is one half of Rival House and is also the self proclaimed "boss". You'll find her taking sessions throughout the week where she is always making everyone feel at home, regardless of how much you're hurting! If you ever need inspiration, look no further than this super woman. 
Fun fact about Brodie: She was an exchange student and can/could speak Spanish. Graciaus!

trent williamson

Co-Owner, Head Trainer

With over 11 years experience, Trent is the co-founder, co-owner and one of the head trainers of Rival House. He is an Excel nerd, creating the formulas to assist with performance tracking, and is the "King of the Kids". He lives and breathes the Rival House brand and the motto "earning the right", so you'll find him working hard and then having fun on the weekends. 
Fun fact about Trent: He can smile without smiling, just ask him.

Cooper o'connor


Cooper has a passion for working with young teens and puts this to good use by training a Nudgee College Rugby Union team as well as taking Wavell State High School sport here at Rival House. He loves the strength side of fitness and you will see him taking classes on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.
Fun fact about Cooper: He once won a car and a years worth of free petrol through a Caltex competition.

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