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The Challenge is what we refer to as our 8 week training block that occurs 4 times a year. At the start of the challenge, we have TESTING WEEK where we put you through strength, speed, agility and cardio tests. Knowing exactly what we are trying to improve, we have designed 6 weeks of classes progressing you through your lifts and increasing your cardio output to have you firing for FINALS WEEK. This is where we retest and where all the hard work pays off!

But first, you choose how you want to proceed with the challenge...


It's like we always say... It's YOU vs YOU.

Put your personal bests on the line and during the challenge build up your strength, speed and conditioning to beat the YOU who completed TESTING WEEK, 8 weeks ago!


Do you need that extra accountability?

Want to learn more about calories and macros?

Want something more meaningful and measurable than just scales? Want to be in the running to win?

Sounds like you're ready to take yourself to the next level and become a contender. You're committing to 8 weeks of calculated training where trainers will be checking in with you weekly about your food goals and your general well being. Male and female CHAMPIONS will each be financially rewarded plus have your name forever edged on the RIVAL HOUSE CHALLENGE shield!

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